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javni-nastupDid you know that the fear of public speaking is bigger than the fear of death? Do you feel nervous or have the stage freight prior to taking the stage or performing on television? Just to let you know that this is normal and understandable, and it is even good for you. But, too much fear and anxiety can ruin everything you prepared for your audience!

Fear of public speaking can, indeed, cripple you. Although different people have different capabilities to communicate, it is wrong to think that fascinating public performances are god given or matter of inborn talent. On the contrary, behind every excellent public performance is extensive preparation, work on the script and in person work with the experts!
During this training, we will help you learn to control the “butterflies“ in your stomach and bring your hopefully still ulcer free stomach back to its original position. We will help you avoid mistakes and teach you how to use humor to your advantage to relax your audience. We will also teach you the significant non-verbal gestures to support the message; what audio-visual aids to use; when you look at the journalist and when at the camera; how to establish the connection with the audience; and simply how to make your public performance better.
We will, in general, help you restore your confidence and improve your public speaking skills! Call us.

The Objective:

To overcome fear and anxiety of public speaking as well as to learn the communications skills necessary for successful public speaking performance.

Who is This Training for:

The training is intended primarily for those who, due to the nature of their work, often have to present in public or in front of larger audiences live or via TV:

Heads of Companies
Department Heads
Managers / Executives
Product Presenters
Anyone else who wishes to improve their public speaking skills [/list]


This trainings last approximately 2.5 days (4hrs per day). It includes preparation for the final performance and performance assessment, which includes advice from coaches/trainers and other observers. We also recommend that you combine this training with “Principles of Effective Communication“ training as this combined module will give you a more comprehensive understanding of communication matter in general.
Duration of combined training is 4-5 days (4hrs per day).
If, however, because of financial or time limitations you can only allocate 2.5 days for this type of training, then this training as such will also be very helpful.
Working on weekends is also an option.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the fear of public speaking is so grave that it prevents you from performing well in front of colleagues or business partners, or if it distracts you from having a political career because political engagement requires public appearances, let us know and we can help you. Within our network of consultants there are also qualified psychologists and psychiatrists with whom you can do individual work to decontaminate reasons causing your fear of public speaking. If this is the case, then only after the individual therapy is completed, we will organize the above described training to improve your speaking and general communications skills. We will help you shine on stage, just like you always wanted!


“A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt: long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest”

Winston Churchill