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Learning Objectives:

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Because we realize how much time, daily and annually, you spend writing and reading e-mails or other written correspondence, we are free to offer you this training that will upgrade and improve your business skills. The main goal of this training is to help the participants master business writing skills, business correspondence, and to do so by combining them with the writing techniques rarely have covered in other standard business correspondence trainings. As in most other trainings, during this training we will reach our common goal through workshops, group activities, and through giving clear instructions and using effective business communication template formats.

As mentioned before, besides basic theory, our trainings are enriched with workshops and group activities, which are also a good opportunity for all the participants to grade their current skills and to exercise their writing skills. It is also a good opportunity to exchange opinions about communication and writing skills, and to get feedback from others.

Who is this Training for:

This course is meant for all those who communicate through email or through any other type of written correspondence. It is therefore meant for anyone who needs to improve or refresh their daily writing skills.

What Will You Learn:

  • Obama paper w writingApplying ​​the Golden Rules of business correspondence
  • Achieving and maintaining simplicity
  • What makes writing effective and recognizable?
  • Reducing words
  • The importance of “cutting “
  • Use of Active vs. Passive Voice
  • Imperative of using the “S-V-O”
  • Use of strong verbs
  • Eliminating the negatives
  • Parallelism in a sentence
  • Mastering clarity in sentence and building confident sounding expressions when necessary so as to be able to inform on the progress of a project / task, to lobby for ideas, to express gratitude for someone’s work, to respond to a complaint, etc.



This course lasts appx. 1,5 to 2 days, (4hrs per day).

We warmly recommend that you combine it with another complementary training program “Principles of Effective Communication”, as it will give the participants a better understanding of communication in general.

The combined training program can last approximately 3,5 days.
If, because of the financial or time restrictions you cannot dedicate more than 1,5 days, then this training will be very useful to you as is.

Working on weekends is also an option.