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Why do we Communicate Badly Inside Our Office?

interna komunikacijaInternal Communication is defined as a “process of creating and exchanging messages within a network of interdependent relationships with an objective of finding solutions for the uncertainties and dilemmas, as well as for attaining of the immediate goals”

Simply put, “Internal Communication” refers to the way people communicate within an organizational context. It is how employees communicate within their company.

Learning Objectives:

Improved efficiency
Employees who are familiar with the company situation
Motivated and involved employees
Better employee relationsEmployees able to adapt to change when change occurs (ex. restructuring, new administration, layoffs, new  management etc.) [/list]


What will you learn:

No organization is perfect and neither is yours!
Internal communications as a bloodstream of a company
Different forms of internal communication
Levels of internal communication
What do statistics say?
Barriers to effective Internal Communication
Activity: „Mirror, mirror on the Wall“: How do you see yourself vs how others see You?
Irritating communication behaviors
Business vs Private communication
How personal is too personal?
And when friendship stops, and the job continues?
Corporate image
Most common problems
Communication and how it relates to your career
Who should you become when the client calls (roles)?
Characteristics of good business communication
What hinders hood business communication?
How to improve communication at all levels and in all directions?!
How to control Informal Communication?
Functional vs. Dysfunctional communication
Carnegy’s advices for Effective Communication [/list]



This course lasts 1.5 days (4hrs per day). However, we strongly recommend combining this course with the course “Customer Service” or with “Principles of Efficient Communications”. In this way, you will master numerous multidisciplinary skills and learn how to best fulfill the needs of your clients by improving the relationships between your employees and different departments. Duration of the combined training is 3.5 days (4hrs per day).
Work on weekends is also possible.

Work during your yearly teambuilding activities can also be a very interesting option! Call us.