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…or what are the values of your organization?

Have you ever wondered as a manager what your employees really know about the company they work for? How do they feel about it? Do they feel that they are a part of it or not? What values do your employees cherish or “think” they should cherish in your organization? If you have never asked yourself these questions, then this training is a great OPPORTUNITY for you to find out!

What is “Organizational Culture”:

“Set meanings that separates groups of people. (Louis, 1980); Org. culture is a system of informal rules that lead to the behavior of employees most of the time. (Deal & Kennedy, 1982), culture is a model of common values that give meaning to employees as well as the institutional rules of behavior in everyday life (Davis, 1984);

“Model of basic assumptions, values and norms that have been given the group, developed or discovered by learning how to solve problems of external adaptation and internal integration, and that function well enough to be transferred to new members as the correct way of thinking and feeling in relation to these issues. (Schein, 1985). ”

Learning Objectives:
Building a sense of loyalty and belonging of an employee to an organization.
One of the byproducts of this training is the actual modification of dysfunctional beliefs, values and behaviors that inhibit good functioning of the organization.
Another byproduct of this training is the experience of employee and interdepartmental “Bonding”.

What you will learn:

What is Organizational Culture?
Focus on customers / clients: Old vs. New Approaches
Resistance to change as the result of Focus on Customer Approach
Interconnectedness of Mission & Vision with the Organizational Culture
Evaluation of your organization’s current degree of Focus on Client [/list]



The duration of this training is 1 day (4hrs per day). However, the best effect will be accomplished, if you combine the following training courses: “Customer Relations” and / or “Teamwork and Motivation,” because in this way you will gain the best insight into this and other related areas. The duration of the combined training is 4 days (4hrs per day).
Working on weekends is also an option.