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Communicating successfully with the people in our surroundings and establishing good interpersonal relations with them, is something we all want, especially business people and professionals. Effective communication is all and so much depends on it! Learn how to communicate better so that you can understand others better. Learn how to better express yourself and it will immediately reflect on the quality of life, but also on your business success. It will also reflect on your private relationships. This training will, may be for the first time ever, make your employees aware of the importance of communication!

What will you learn:
Personal Communication Profiling-tells you about your Communication SkillsVideo introduction to the importance of communication:osnove komunikacije

Profiliranje komunikacionog profila (evaluacija)
Video uvod u značaj komunikacije:
What can we learn from Tom Hanks and his friend Wilson?
Why do we Communicate?
What is Communication?
When is Communication successful?
Basics of Communication Process
Importance of Feedback and its Role in Communication Control!
Značaj povratne informacije
Communication channels
Information vs. Communication
Communications Process Scheme/Diagram
Communication skills
Do you Listen as you should?
Types of Listening
Advices for acquiring appropriate Listening Skills
Selective Perception and how it can cause us problems
What are Distortions? Stop the noise!
Types of Distortions and what to pay attention to, to avoid misunderstandings
How to ensure that we are understood as intended?
How to Efficiently and Properly Communicate?
What are the 5W + 1 H?
How to Efficiently Shape the Message?
What are the 7C?
Constructing the Speech (activity)
What can we learn from Martin Luther King?
Basics of Business Correspondence (European vs American styles)
How to effectively Criticize?
Video introduction to the field of Nonverbal Communication
Introduction to the importance of Nonverbal Communication
How Hillary Clinton Prepares (nonverbally) for the Public Appearance?
How do you know when someone is making a Decision?
How do you know nonverbally when someone is Assessing or Estimating your Proposal?
Use of Space (nonverbal)
What can we learn from DC?
Principles of Effective Communication according to DC
Most common Communication Mistakes according to D.C.
Testing your EQ Skills and why it is Important in Communication? [/list]


Who is this training for:
For everyone! Companies and individuals. It is for anyone who wants to learn how to communicate effectively. It is especially tailored for people who have never had communication trainings or courses. If you are one of them, yet you think you know how to communicate, then this training is for you. You will be surprised how much you will learn from us!

Three days (4hrs per day)