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upravljanje promjenama2In today’s ever-changing innovations and changes, we must constantly adopt and change. When managers want to implement a change into their company, most often they have problems such as: uneducated or unmotivated employees. Unmotivated workforce can be a big problem, considering that it can generate big and real resistance to the planned change in the company.

The solution can be found in applying of different approaches to manage and handle the ongoing change management process. This training is designed to show you how!

Learning Objectives:
Effective implementation of structural and other changes in the organization / company.

Who is this training for:
Training is designed for managers who need to conduct fast and effective changes within their organization / firm
Managers whose organization is undergoing transition
Managers whose organization is going through restructuring
Managers whose employees need to embrace a new way of working and adapt to a new management model [/list]

This training can be done independently or in combination with other training programs from our offer. If done by itself,   the training lasts 2,5 days (4hrs per day), whereas in combination with other trainign programs, it can last from 3,5 to 7 days, depending on how many training programs you choose.
If an “in-house” diagnostic is necessary, this process can last longer depending on the clients’ needs and nature of changes that need to be implemented.