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COPENHAGEN : Eu parlement Cop15“Advocacy is an organized political process driven by the people, through which all interested citizens, especially the marginalized and non-eligible, understand their rights and power, and use them to successfully participate equally in decision-making process at all levels with an objective to introduce the system of equality and justice, and to positively impact the quality of life of the people.”

“Lobbying is the act of attempting to influence decisions made by officials in the government, most often legislators or members of regulatory agencies. Lobbying is done by many different types of people and organized groups, including individuals in the private sector, corporations, fellow legislators or government officials, or advocacy groups (interest groups).”

We can teach you how!

Learning Objectives:

We will give the participants of this training the necessary knowledge about all the elements of the advocacy process. We will make sure that all participants learn and understand the importance of Lobbying and Advocacy in any civil society. Participants will learn new ways of conducting the advocacy and lobbying campaigns. Participants will be trained to independently prepare Advocacy Strategies and to successfully develop and implement an Advocacy Campaign.

This training is a suitable combination of different fields such as communications, PR and media relations. It is a great mix of both theoretical and practical work in groups. During out training programs, we help participants to understand what the Advocacy & Lobbying process consists of, where to direct your efforts, how to be result-oriented, what to do to advocate for new Laws, how to work with legislators and decision makers to make important decisions in your favor, how to build alliances (coalitions), how to work with the media, how to work with the opposition and many other topics.  The knowledge and skills introduced in this training will be tested at the end through practical work, real world examples and through the creation of real advocacy campaigns that will be presented to the rest of the group. Various relevant audio & video materials are part of this interactive training course.
Popcorn is on us – because we are here to help launch activists!

Who is this training for:

Activists and enthusiasts
NGO Community
Parliamentarians and parliamentary groups
Political parties that want to promote and lobby for a new law, etc
Those who need the skills for Public Advocacy & Lobbying [/list]


This training program lasts for three days (4hrs per day). However, we strongly recommend that you combine this training program with other training programs such as “Principles of Effective Communication”, “PR and Media Relations”. Such a comprehensive training will give you the complete insight into the knowledge and skills necessary for successful Advocacy & Lobbying processes.
The duration of the combined training is 3-5 days (4hrs per day).
Working on weekends is also an option.