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What is your position? How many people do you share your office with and how does this affect you? Increasingly, companies are opting for the so-called “Open space model” or introduced as “the open space office.” However, this model has its flaws, and some of them are for example the constant noise, inability to focus on your work, increased stress levels, the lack of privacy and the feeling of constant control over you.

The old fashioned, private and closed offices are these days something many employees are dreaming of. If you are a young person in an office full of senior colleagues (older employees), it is very likely that you will be hearing sentences such as: “Today’s generations don’t know anything! They just want everything instantaneously” or they may simply pamper you and want to protect you by not “let you do anything” because “you are so young and inexperienced.” Some of the emerging problems in the office are certainly stemming from the generational differences amongst colleagues.

What will you learn:

How to overcome generational differences in the office?
Generation gap and HR (recruitment)
Generation vs. Cohort

Behavioral characteristics of members of different generations:
Baby Boomers
Generation X
Generation Y
Generation Z
Generation SC / LG
Work colleagues
Tips for the junior (younger) colleagues
Tips for the senior (older) colleagues
Characteristics of the junior vs senior colleagues and their generational desires
Potential conflicts and how to overcome them
How to properly treat colleagues from different age groups (Teamwork)
What if your boss is young?
Personal appearance and Dress code [/list]


Learning Objectives:

Preventing conflicts arising due to the generation gap
Resolving conflicts arising due to the generation gap [/list]


Who is this training for:

This training is for all the firms that are going through some kind of transition or through restructuring.

This course is meant for those organizations in which managers noticed that their business processes are suffering due to disagreements between employees that are caused by generational differences. In order to solve such problems, it is important to hire outside consultants and coaches who will help in rising awareness of this problem within the organization. This course is also meant for anyone who is curious and who would like to improve their management  skills and knowledge. It is also meant for managers who wish to improve their own team / department / company.


1 day (4hrs per day). This course can be combined with the “Conflict Resolution” or with certain segments of “Customer Service” trainings. Combined trainings can last appx. 3 days (4hrs per day)