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Dear and Esteemed Visitors!

Alisa Vrabac

Alisa Vrabac

What you see here on your screen is our offer for different types of communications, management and public advocacy training modules and workshops. All our trainings are related and combined with the field of Communications, because this is who we truly are. Communications professionals.

My personal professional experience has shown me that it is these types of training skills that are really needed by most companies and organizations, especially by those with a serious ambition to further develop and grow. That is why I brought together a team of consultants and developed various training modules suitable to various types of organizations.  When you read our offer in the dropdown menu, you will realize that while the communication is the backbone of all the lectures, that my colleagues and I proficiently lecture other related business skills as well. In the slider part of the website, we have isolated the most interesting and most requested training modules. Take a look!

Firstly, as the Lead Trainer and Manager, I guarantee that the topics covered in our trainings will directly affect your business efficiency. Participants will gain skills and knowledge that they will use in everyday communications not only at work but also in their private lives. This will have a positive impact on their work as well.  Just imagine how much less nervous will they come to work when they finally learn how to communicate effectively at home?

Acquired skills will become part of their personality and this will generally increase their professional self-esteem, improve communication with their clients and customers, attract new ones, improve teamwork and reduce incidence of conflicts. Our trainings will increase your employees’ sense of belonging to your company. These trainings will motivate your employees to work better during this hard recession period. Altogether, the general effect of our training modules, in any combination, will improve your business communication, help your long term goals, improve your interpersonal relationships, and will definitely have a positive effect on the overall state of the organization.

Other than the above described, my team and I have numerous materials we share and distribute to participants. There are also exercises, games, activities, audio and video materials, practical and creative workshops that we enrich our trainings with. These materials are part of all our modules, and are there for quick and efficient learning process. They are also a lot of fun! Are you perhaps planning the company team-building soon? We can organize it together!

As for the internal communication, participants will finally understand the nature of the organization they work for and as the result of it, will have an increased sense of belonging to the company. Just to illustrate, if you were to for ex. ask your employees what year the company they work for was founded, perhaps 10% of them know the answer! Enough said. Some training effects you will notice right away, and for some will take time. In general, the working environment will improve and this will happen as a part of the process, when the new skills and new knowledge “settles”. The most important, however, is the final effect the trainings will have on your organization!

Needless to say, we will together with you, tailor-make the content of the training, according to your wishes and best common estimate.

Dear friends and visitors, in the end… I am sure that the skills you acquire at our trainings, will have a positive impact on your company, both in financial terms and in terms of improving company communication.  Our clients tell us that our trainings have left the mark on their employees, and we have no reason to believe that this will not be the case with you as well.

PS. We are also proficient and experienced in Political Communication and we teach this particular field of communication every election cycle to different political subjects. Please visit this section of our website (under Communications category) and find out more!

For all other questions, feel free to contact us :

e-mail: info@profcommunications.net
mob: +387 61 10 24 97

Respectively Yours,

Alisa Vrabac
Lead Lecturer, Independent Consultant & Trainer with PROF Communications Team


As for the seminar/training duration, this always depends on the group dynamics! We are not the old fashioned types of trainers who just “get in and get out” of the classroom and who do not feel the group. We always consider the capabilities, intellect, needs and learning speed of participants. We also always consider and try to create positive learning environment. Depending on the number of training you select, training modules can last from 2-6 days, working day being 4hrs per day. If, because of the daily work routine your company is unable to organize trainings during the week, we are also available to work on weekends

The price depends on number of trainings you select. Price can be modified according to quantity, but only in consultation with the Lead Manager. Please do not assume that discount is always guaranteed, because this does not have to be the case. We believe that every business cooperation needs to be mutually beneficial, profitable for both sides and, in good faith. Our training modules are the result of many years of work, experience, updating skills, continuous learning and continuous investing in ourselves, expensive travels, and because of all of this, our training modules are of high quality, well thought out, and valuable. We are not market-we are the treasure chest of knowledge!

Audio visual presentations
Questionnaires – Tests
Case Studies
Group discussions and panel discussions
Activities with insistence on feedback
Role play (igre uloga)
Small group activities
Large group activities
Exercises in pairs (tandem activities to boost motivation and establish trust)
Role play with videos and constructive feedback by group representative
Role play with audio recordings, and with constructive feedback group

Alisa Vrabac, the Leader Trainer at PROF Communications, recently returned to the region after few months spent in the state of Michigan, U.S.A., where she took part in the re-election campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. Alisa is proud of the fact that she was on the winning team! REFERENCES: Here are only some of the organizations she worked for, collaborated with or to which she lectured. (Reference): The Re-election GOTV campaign for Barack Obama, United Nations, the European Union (Public Procurement Project) Business News, Marketing Solutions in the United States, USAID / EWMI Justice Sector Development Project, AEPC / EDC project, Becton Dickinson pharmaceutical company, Foreign Trade Chamber of Commerce, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Enkidu publishing house and agency PR, several different political parties, Grawe insurance, Merkur insurance, Sarajevo insurance, BiH/Austria Caritas, Deloitte, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation, FLI, the Center for Responsible democracy (COD) Luna, Whistle blowers Association BiH, Pi cosulting doo, Central Business School Dubai as an independent consultant and lecturer in the field of public relations (PR) for clients in the region and the Middle East (Dubai and Abu Dhabi).

One of the most beautiful and most valuable, free byproduct of our training modules is an increase of motivation and team cohesion of all your employees who take part in the training! Your employees will leave our trainings with a smile, refreshed, happy, content and with greater sense of belonging to the organization / company they work for. They also will display positive attitude to supervisors and colleagues who they cooperate with daily!