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In the Media


During her career, Alice appeared on many TV, radio stations, had many interviews and wrote numerous articles and analysis that were published in print and internet media. Here are some media outlets which we had the opportunity to work with, and we use this opportunity to thank them all for honest and fair cooperation.

Alisa is especially proud of the fact that in 2009 she first analyzed the non-verbal communication (body language) of BiH politicians, thereby promoting and popularizing this area communication field, and she is still trying to improve her profession. The first magazine that published such an analyses, to our knowledge, was the Lifestyle Magazine “Gracija”, based in Sarajevo. The first television that showed interest in the field of body language was BHT1 and its Lifestyle show “Sve u svemu”, also based in Sarajevo.

Other media also showed interest in the field of nonverbal communication and supported its advance in BiH. They are TVSA, TV1, Federal TV, OBN TV, Hayat TV, radio stations RSG, RSG1, BH Radio1, Radio Federation, Radio Kameleon Sarajevo and Batko’s show “Hit it like a man!”, Radio Kameleon Tuzla, Zenica Q Radio, magazines Gracija, Republika, InfoKom, Taboo from Belgrade, daily newspapers Avaz, Oslobođenje, InfoKom, internet portals,,, Al-Jazeera web portal,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, FENA news agency, and many other media outlets we hereby extend our warm regards to!

If you wish to be included or hyperlinked on our media list, please send us the link to the article you published and we will be happy to include you. Please forgive us if you had published something of ours and are not currently listed. We simply sometimes do not have all the press clippings at our fingertips. Rest assured that we, in PROF Communications, greatly value and appreciate all our partners and collaborators. Looking forward to future cooperation!