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Did you know that 68% of customers leave because of bad salespeople? Or do you know that 75% of customers will leave AND come back if they see that the salesperson is trying to make a difference and help? Did you know that out of 25 dissatisfied customers, only one will actually complain, but will share his experience with on average 9 to 20 people? (or more if they complain via social networks).

Enough of talking and let’s start acting! Become an organization that is truly oriented towards customers / clients and become the leader who knows how to light a fire in your employees!

Learning Objectives:

Become familiar with the basic and sophisticated principles of Customer Service. Teach employees the necessary communication skills, appropriate actions, and desired reasoning to retain current and old clients / customers and bring in the new ones!

What will you learn:

Who is really your boss?
What does it mean to have a “good relationship” with the customers?
What do your customers really want?
What are the reasons customers leave?
Interesting statistics %
Ways to get to know your customers
Quality Service as a competitive advantage!
What “causes” the Repeat purchase?
Customer Lifetime (group activity)
What “quality service” really means?
Preconditions for quality service
How important is responsibility?
Different types of customer communication
10 rules for having great relationships with your customers
Listening: types, skills and guidelines
Email and Written communication
Telephone Communication skills
Communication styles
Use of New Technologies
Dissatisfied customers and how to deal with them?
Complaints as opportunities
How to best resolve complaints
What to do and what not to do, when it comes to complaints?
Building relationships
How to calm an angry customer?
The role of employees vs. management
Corporate Culture
Developing the culture of commitment
Who is your external client?
Who is your internal client?
The weakest link and how to strengthen it (group activity)
Friendly yet efficient alternatives in the dialogue?
Delegating work to colleagues without creating conflict [/list]


Reading and Interaction:

Relationships with customers
Resolving conflicts (problems)
Map of internal clients (activity)
Feedback (activity)
Active Listening & Evaluation and Exercise
Test of Emotional Intelligence (EI) – own evaluations and group discussions
Many group activities ensure that all the group members will have a lot of fun! [/list]


Who is this training for:

The training is created for all types of organizations, governmental and commercial, because everyone has their own client to serve, and therefore their needs to meet. In this training you will learn how!


The duration of this training is 4 days (4hrs per day. This training can be combined with other courses from our offer such as with “Conflict Resolution” and / or “Principles of Effective Communication” and / or “Assertive Communication”. In this way, you will master numerous multidisciplinary skills and learn how to best fulfill the needs of your clients. The duration of such combined training can be from 4-6 days (4hrs per day). Work on weekends is also possible. Work during your yearly teambuilding activities and similar trips can also be a very interesting option! Call us.