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asertvina-komPeople influence each other! Most human behavioral and communications styles will fall into one of the following categories: passive, aggressive, manipulative and assertive.

Assertive behavior is the most productive and means representing yourself and your goals by knowing how to set boundaries in different relationships with others in a way that acknowledges and respects other people but also yourself and your best interests.

Learning Objectives:

Learn how to fight for your rights and make your point efficiently and clearly by using communications techniques
Learn how to win the arguments – ALWAYS!   
Learn many assertiveness skills
Adopt assertive behavior and communication
Apply assertive style of communication in real life situations
Learn to construct assertive sentences Avoid that others see you as an aggressive person
Avoid that others see you as a defensive person
Avoid that others see you as a passive person and are aggressive towards you
Abandon that “victim” mentality!
Learn how to stand up for your rights without being threatened
Learn how to communicate “upsetting and difficult” issues without making others feel threatened
Learn how to communicate so that others grow to “like you” [/list]


Who is this Training for:

Assertive behavior is crucial for attaining your business goals and for preserving good interpersonal relations in an organization and amongst colleagues. Because of this, this training is essential for goal-oriented individuals who in their daily life and work communicate with clients, colleagues and to whom communications skills are important.

This training is especially useful for sales staff and businessmen who deal with others personally (face to face contact), but also to other types of employees who closely cooperate and communicate with colleagues and other business contacts. This training is also important to managers because they often need to communicate difficult decisions in an effective way that will not offend anyone. The key benefits of this training begin with the expertise of the trainers who will teach you to use these assertive skills, to build self-confidence through communications styles and techniques, and to develop the skills necessary for building better relationships with others-but also with yourself.

This training will also be very useful for politicians, debaters and anyone who needs to learn how to design, present and win an argument!


The duration of this training is 1,5 day (4hrs per day).

However, we strongly recommend that you consider combining this course with the following courses: “Principles of Effective Communication” and / or “Conflict Resolution” because they are complementary in their nature. Duration of the combined training is 3-5 days (4hrs per day) depending on the number of training programs you choose.
Working on weekends is also an option.