Processes in Political Campaigns 2013-09-30T10:07:23+00:00

glasacka kutijaDissolution of the traditional social ties, the rapid development of mass media, the development of social networks and the rise of political marketing and PR as a profession, have changed the structure and way the campaign takes. The modern, media guided political election campaigns are increasingly debated. On one side are those who argue that campaigns simplify political reality, that they manipulate voters, that they stimulate voting apathy, and that they contribute to a long-term democratic deficit also known as the absence of real democracy.

On the other hand, there are those who believe that political processes need to adapt to new communications’ and media environment. These are the people who believe that only the eye-catching, custom made media campaigns are able to attract the attention of voters and that their influence on voters’ participation and knowledge of political processes, is positive and affirmative in the long run.

We can help you learn about the basic elements of any modern campaign. We can also help you implement all the processes any modern campaign consists of. Some of the areas where we can offer our services are:

Organization of campaign HQ
Analysis – Internal & External
Evaluation / Targeting
Defining the final objective
Strategy development
Campaign Plan
Political strategy
Operational strategy
Political Image of campaigns  & candidates
Media strategy
Crisis Communication Plan
Internet campaign
Campaign structure
Campaign modalities
Processing and post-production
Organizing activities on campaign silence day
Organization of activities on election day
Final Press Conference [/list]

The first phase of any cooperation is an in-depth analysis of the current political party condition, taking into consideration its needs, objectives and its budget, based upon which proposals are made. These proposals may include conducting certain changes within the party as well, in order to improve the overall elections result.


Considering that all of the above noted is a part of one electoral process, our consultants will take part in envisioning the campaign, including its design .
In case a political party needs theoretical lectures in order to become more familiar with the subject matter in general, then such individual lecture s / trainings may last about 3 days (4hrs per day). If you however decide to combine this training with some other trainings from our offer, such multidisciplinary training can last minimum five to seven days.