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Alisa Vrabac

…is one of the first formally educated in Mass Media / PR/ Communications professionals in the SEE region. Born in Sarajevo in the late 1970s, she went to the United States. She graduated high school with honors and graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in 1999 with a degree in Mass Communications: Public Relations & Advertising,  a 4-5 years program study.

Her Bachelors’ studies  focused on Public & Media Relations, Mass Psychology, Marketing, Psychology and Nonverbal Communication. At the same time, she obtained an additional minor degree in Marketing and Business.

She holds masters degree in Political & Corporate Communication from the Camilo Jose Cela University, Madrid, Spain. In May 2014, also in Madrid, she completed Emotional Intelligence workshop with Claude Steiner personally, disciple of Eric Berne. Such skills help her better systematically analyze and better understand audiences she communicates with, individually or through PR campaigns. It is noteworthy to mention that in 2006-07, she obtained a certificate in the field of Transactional Analysis from the professors at the Klagenfurt University of Cultural Studies, Klagenfurt Austria.

Because of love for her heritage, she returns to BiH in 2000. In the region,  she cooperated with organizations such as Business News, United Nations, European Union, USAID reform projects, EDC/ AEPC, Insurance companies, Caritas BiH, Deloitte, Becton Dickinson, Foreign Trade Chamber of Commerce, Caritas BiH,  Deloitte, Federal Ministries, Pi Consulting, certain political parties, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung foundation, FLI, Luna Center for Responsible Democracy (COD), Association Uzbunjivači BiH, Business School Central Dubai, Infinia etc. She is a Communications consultant and lecturer for different organizations in the SEE region, EU and the Middle East.

Alisa was also one of the Board members of PRIBA, the BiH Public Relations Professionals Association. She contributed to the organization of its fourth Conference in 2009.  At its 5th anniversary, she was the guest lecturer, holding a lecture on “Nonverbal Communication in Public Appearances.” At yet another PR conference called PR Days, in Novmber 2016 she lectured on Nonverbal Communication and Political Image Building.

In 2012 she spent time in the state of Michigan, USA where she took part in the campaign of the Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. Alisa is especially proud of the fact that she was part of the winning team!

She analyzes body language and gestures of BiH and international political figures, their messages, rhetoric and other campaign aspects. Her work was published or aired on different local and international media such as  BHRT, TVSA, Hayat TV, OBN, Federalna TV, TV1, RSG, Radio 8, radio Vrhbosna,  lifestyle magazin Gracija, NEWSWEEK, reputable Spanish daily newspaper LA RAZON, www.buka.com, www.kameleon.ba, www.depo.ba, www.republikainfo.com, www.hronika.ba, www.24sata.info, www.enovosti.ba, www.dnevnik.ba, www.seebiz.eu,  www.boljatuzla.ba, www.republikainfo.com, www.extramagazin.ba, www.tezaantiteza.net,  www.sarajevo-x.com, www.source.ba, Al-Jazeera, www.mojportal.ba, news agencies such as SENSE and FENA and  other media outlets.

Alisa enjoys charity and ngo work and her knowledge and skills in the field of Communications & PR she benevolently shared with the International Women’s Club (IWC). Two years in a row, 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 she helped the IWC with their PR activities, their PR Strategy, with Media Relations, Advertising, Marketing and overall, she helped with the organization of this humanitarian event. During these two Bazaar years, Alisa was the spokesperson of the Bazaar. She is also a member of the local Rotary Club. Often, through ngo(s) or otherwise, she shares her skills and knowledge free of charge, to communications students and enthusiasts.

In her free time, she researches nonverbal and political communication and she is especially proud of the fact that she was the first to publish articles and analysis of nonverbal behavior of regional and global politicians, back in the 2009.

She, together with her ngo colleagues, is hoping to contribute to the general field of Communications which is rather new in the region and widely misunderstood. In her writings for the internet media, she attempts to educate and thus to contribute to the advancement of the Communications profession in general. Her work inspired other individuals, agencies and even universities, to start such work and research themselves. With this, she believes, she contributed to the development of the communications field in general and wishes to be able to continue.

She believes that “Knowledge is nothing unless is shared!”